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    From the album: 2013 pots

  2. They both feel pretty similar to me and throw about the same. I liked how they both threw. I prefer throwing with less groggy, smoother stoneware (as you said, slimy) as well as porcelain. I liked how my glazes came out on both, but a few were more variegated and had more interest on P5. However, I have had issues with P5 bloating. The P5 batch that was over fired (went to cone 7) really bloated, and the next firing was a perfect cone 6, but there were still a few spots of bloating (not nearly as bad). Using pieces I made in little loafers around my house, they seemed more susceptible to getting grungy (moldy?) on the bottom which to me suggested that it wasn't as vitrified as I would want in a functional piece. Long story short, I blended them and both problems seemed to be solved.
  3. I carry a single sketchbook with me everywhere. The front starts with anything that's not related to glazing, and the back starts with glazing. When they meet, it's time to get a new one! Deborah
  4. We use a few glazes by Standard at my community studio including both their bright red and dark red (firing to cone 6). They're #1194 and #1210. I have plenty of experience with both. Neither appear to run, pinhole, craze, or any other glaze flaws. They're pretty happy, stable glazes which is why we continue to use them instead of mixing our own red. Here's the website for them: Standard cone 5/6 glazes Best of luck, Deborah
  5. I'm a pretty new, young potter (one extensive year in). First time poster but have been reading the forums for the past few months. This bowl is glazed with one of the studio's house glazes overlapping in the middle the Fall's Creek Shino glaze (Recipe) on Standard's 266 clay body.
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