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  1. Carl, believe me, that sculpture in grade school showed no promise of a future! Thanks for the kind words and information.
  2. Carl, the bandana says " Karma". When finished he will be holding a sterling carving set. I am surrounded by hunters! Bciske, do I need those slats for the bisque firing? He is so tall I am going to have to sit him directly on the floor of the kiln. I obviously will have more room for the glaze firing. Could you please explain those in a little more detail; how thick do they need to be and how close together should I place them? Thank you all for your help and kindness, I will definitely sleep better tonight! Again, the collective knowledge in this community is simply amazing.i
  3. Hello to all, This is my first post so bare with me. I have learned so much over the years from all of you insanely knowledgable people, I am hoping you can help me once again. I started playing in the studio a few weeks ago and long story short ended up with a 22" tall hare, my very first sculpture since grade school. In the midst of my excitement, I realized the clay I was "playing" with was Highwater,s little loafers; not exactly a sculpting clay. Having no idea what I was doing, I did hollow it out the best I could and dried him out over several weeks. I need to fire him now and have several questions. If he lives through the bisque firing, is that enough? I would choose a non-fire finish? Should I once fire him all the way to cone 6? Again, a non fire finish. Any suggestions on firing schedules? I would soooooooo appreciate any suggestions or ideas to help me complete this rookie mistake. Thanks so much, Lonna
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