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  1. Hi PSC ! Do you have any pics of your stall ? My front table is quite low , I don't think I could make it lower . Oldlady , Here's a link to my Fb page for photies : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.787828097919419.1073741843.295251550510412&type=3
  2. My main problem is my car size ! fabric on top of tables are not allowed on most of the potfests here ! So I'm looking for ideas ..no big heavy piece of furniture, or high shelves as it's often very windy and the stall are outside !!! Will keep on looking for ideas ... thanks for your help .
  3. Thanks for the links to topics ! Sorry , I really didn't konw where to open the discussion !
  4. I'm in France and I've just done my first potter's market. It went well but I'm not satisfied with my stall , what type of market stall do you have when to do an uncovered market ?
  5. I did tell them I didn't make beads ....but I was wondering if it was easy to learn ....and practise before end of January !! I was being curiuous .... I'm sure I'll be able to help ..even it's just carrying clay etc etc !! Thank you for your advices ...
  6. Hello, I 'm planning a visit to a pottery in India; I offered to give a hand if I could , they'd like me to teach them how to make beads . The problem is that I have never made any . I would also like to know how to fire them once glaze has been apply . I know they clay is stoneware , so they fire ( wood I suppose ) at fairly high temperature . Any idea ? anyboby ? Thank you,
  7. Any photos to illustrate what it's about ?...I mean final result !
  8. Voilà une liste une liste de termes anglais traduits en Français ..Good luck For those interested I have a liste of English/ French ceramic terms ... I can't remember where I got from ..... termes ceramique ENG into FR.rtf termes ceramique ENG into FR.rtf
  9. Hi to everyone ! I have found a budget accomodation , fairly cheap , twin room , probably very very basic but we'll be out all day and just in the room for rest and sleep and for 3 nights only so it doesn't really matter as long as it is clean ! For us Europeans , American vistors in France are supposed to be well off so I suppose it's the same on your side of the Atlantic ocean ..I'm not in that case once I've paid for my trip to Toronto to visit my son plus the flight back from New York to Paris ..I really have to cut costs but I still wish to enjoy my stay on your continent ..so thanks again for your help I'm going to print the posts about exhibitons and transport and keep it for october ! I really appreciate the time you spent giving me advice and trying to help me .. Thanks again folks ! Evelyne
  10. Thanks again for your help ; I know you're trying to help but I'm not looking for luxury accomodation ..at all...I just coudn't afford it !! I might have found something cheaper that, according to previous visitors, should be pleasant and in Manhattan or Brooklyn . I will let you know ... I'll follow your advices as for transports ... I'm looking froward to it !! Have a nice day ..potting ??? Evelyne
  11. Thanks again for everything !! I've already travelled to big cities and my English is good so I should be able to get by ; after the first 2 days my 23 year old son will be with me (he now lives in Toronto , so he's used to big cities.. I'm still looking for a place to stay , any parts of Manhattan I should avoid ? Evelyne
  12. Thanks for all the informations ; I'll have a look ! As for accomodation I'll keep on looking on the internet ...I live in a tiny village in france (240 inhabitants) so I find it a bit difficult to appreciate distances ...but I suppose with the metro it must be easier to commute !! All the best to all Evelyne
  13. HI !!! I'll be in New York , just for a few days (with my son who now lives in Toronto) from 6th of october till 10th ..Do you know of a nice ceramic exhibition ? Is there a ceramic museum there ? and do you know of a nice , friendly and not too expensive place where we could stay for 4 or 5 nights ? I know it's probably not the right place to ask all this but honestly I didn't in which category to put my topic in !! (I'm writing from France, I know, it's not an excuse )..thanks for your help ..Evelyne
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