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  1. Thanks, all! I appreciate the good advice, even though it came from bad experiences. As many of you have shown, it seems like a good attitude is one of the most important items I can pack for the show.
  2. Hi, folks. Question for you: what is your policy when a customer breaks one of your pieces at a show? Not a piece they've purchased, but someone who accidentally drops or bumps a piece in your booth. Is it "you break it, you bought it"? And if so, do you offer a discount (perhaps to whole price) to lessen the pain? Thanks in advance! I've got my first real shows in a couple months and am trying to be ready for anything and everything.
  3. I was set up at an arts fest this weekend -- my first. While I was tending to a good buyer, I kept an eye on a wicked storm rolling over the mountain -- headed straight for us. Not 30 seconds after she walked out, a big gust hit the tent and the sidewall billowed, slapping my biggest/best piece off the shelf. It fell, taking two others to the ground -- one of which she had just paid for... The (expensive) lesson is, I should have excused myself and tended to the tent much earlier. Is there a Homer Simpson "D'OH!" emoticon?
  4. If you're not familiar with his workshop, check out John Brickels in VT. He runs the "3:00 a.m. Mad Scientists Workshop." It's brilliant and evidently very popular!
  5. Very interesting, Denice! How closely did the stated shrinkage percentages compare among the four clays?
  6. Chris, what is lichen? Ah! Just googled it. Yep, I see how I could fall down that rabbit hole!
  7. Thanks, all, for the excellent advice and suggestions! I've been using Laguna CA-2 and enjoy everything about it but the color when fired. Other artists in our studio throw with B-mix and Redstone which have clean, rich color. I've got plenty to chew on for a while... Will have to play with adding grog and colorants, as well as combining clays. And thanks for the info about Jan Richardson's houses. Very, very cute! A couple days ago I discovered John Brickels' work --his architectural work is mind-blowing. "Awesome" is a much-overused word, but it definitely applies here.
  8. Hi, folks- My first post on this forum! I'm happy to be here but definitely a newbie -- and this is no-doubt a newbie question. I started handbuilding some fun/funky houses a couple months ago. While color amps up the "fun factor" of the more flamboyant pieces, I've been thinking about some of the quieter pieces. What are the rules about combining different clays in one sculpture? For example, if one clay is used for the roof, another for the walls, another for window frames, another for doors, etc., should they share the exact shrinkage % and cone? Do the shrinkage % have to be the same or can they vary a percentage point or two? Many thanks in advance. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Woody
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