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  1. Ooh ooh, I'd love to hear Rant #2!!! (And thank you for Rant #1- interesting- I'd never looked at it that way.) Allison
  2. John and Leigh, You are both being VERY helpful and I truly appreciate it. Everything that both of you are saying makes complete sense. Any barrier that I have to raising prices is psychological. For example, an acquaintance of mine has been a working potter for 30 years and "technically" is amazing. He is the resident potter at an established arts center and is well known/respected. He sells his mugs for $24-28. So I get a case of "who the hell do I think I ams" if I even start to think about going near $20 for a mug. I also feel like it's disrespecting established potters for someone who has been doing this for only 9 years to have equal pricing. Again, I know I may be thinking into this a tad too much and I appreciate your patience. In case you want to see what I'm dealing with here, for a point of reference : ), my website is www.allisonpottery.com. Thanks again! Allison
  3. Thanks for the replies! Pricing has always been an issue for me, so I'm not surprised that I'm getting so confused and "worked up" over this. I certainly have a lot to think about... Thanks again, Allison
  4. Thank you both for the great advice! Alright, at $6 (50% of my small mug retail price) I certainly wouldn't be making much of a profit. Is that a sign that I just shouldn't do wholesale? I feel like my retail prices are fair and accessible, so I'm not willing to raise them at this time. Or is 50% just the standard, and it's possible to offer to sell at 60%?? Also, if the shop/gallery owner came into my booth, seeing my mugs at $12-$14, should I assume that they're fine with me selling retail at that price. I have no plans of discontinuing doing that particular show every year just to not undercut the galleries on my work. OR should something like that be in writing? Does that make sense? Thanks again, Allison
  5. Hi All! I've been selling my work at street fairs and studio shows for a few years now and have been doing alright. I'm pretty comfortable with my retail pricing- I believe the prices are fair, and people seem willing and happy to pay them. Here's my problem: I have been asked by some store owners to wholesale and I have no idea what the "formula" is for wholesale pricing. Can anyone help me out or point me in the right direction? If it matters, as an example, my mugs are $12-$14. Thanks so much! Allison
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