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  1. These little boxes were the first things I made in 2004/2005 before I bought a wheel. I'd moved back to USA from the UK and had to leave behind anything that plugged in. I also had to learn about different clay bodies, and the differences in the raw materials. My first kiln was and is an elderly Duncan with a kiln setter. I also have a Skutt for larger ware.

  2. This is one of three slightly graduated in size Summer Teabowls for a series which I've submitted to the KC teabowl show juried by Pete Pinnell. This one is entitled Angles. I've rung the changes in the three with varying designs using strips of vintage OG transfers, but all have a gold luster wedge. Bowls sell for $35 @. Vashon white body bisqued to ^04, glazed to ^01, OG transfers and luster at ^016. Usually I fire lusters separately, but this time able to take advantage of the masking effect of the OG transfer.

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