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    Pam S reacted to Matt Oz in Potter's Choice Cone Palladium Pc-4 5-6 Glaze   
    Here is a post from an AMACO engineer on this subject.
    and here is the thread it is from....Anyone Use Amaco Potters Choice Saturation Metallic Or Gold?
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    Pam S reacted to jrgpots in Bentonite Testing   
    His are gold. Mine are brown with bubbles. They look like the real thing. BUT, thanks for the laugh.
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    Pam S got a reaction from upbarngoddess in New to Group/New to Ceramics   
    Welcome! You've found a wonderful community here.
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    Pam S got a reaction from kes in Tried And True Glaze Recipes   
    Ditto to the post by giltex. The floating blue needs tp ba applied thick at the top, thin at the bottom.
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    Pam S got a reaction from GEP in Making A Boat Bowl   
    Mr Bieblish,
    I am sorry that your first experience with this forum has been disheartening. This is the first time I have seen any disention with members, much less had one of the moderators chime in. In my experience everyone here has been extremely helpful.
    IMHO, the written word can so easily be misconstrued. So, I'll chide all involved in this post. Don't take everything personally, be carefull of your written word and how it comes across.
    We are here as a community of potters both old and new. Let's share our knowledge without arrogance.
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    Pam S got a reaction from Les in Amaco Ancient Jasper Question   
    It's great to know that the manufactures are listening to us! Good customer service equals happy customers! Happy customers equals better sales! And on and on...
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    Pam S got a reaction from Les in Amaco Ancient Jasper Question   
    A great big THANK YOU to Steve! I'm not trying to chide anyone, but this really need to happen more often with the use of commercial products. We are a community!
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