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  1. Thanks for all the good advise. The article was particularly helpful in wrapping my head around things. Community lessons and other classes. The chemistry of it all is a bit daunting. I have about 3 gallons of this glaze so I can try several of the solutions and see what works best. Again, many thanks! BTW, the glaze never froze. It is stored in my home.
  2. My favorite white glaze has gone weird on me. It was made about 2 years ago and last used in September. I tried to use is night before last and noticed a change in the texture when I was stirring. It felt slimy. When I dipped a clean damp pot in it the glaze immediately started to flake off. I took it to the sink to wash the glaze off the pot. When water hit it the glaze it congealed (felt like sheet rock mud) and was hard to wash off the pot. Any thoughts? White Silk c5-6 Dolomite 60 g EPK 226 g Flint 143g GB 135g Kona F4 300g Neph Sy 592g Talc 97.5g Whiting 128g Zinc Oxide 11
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see which of these is available at my supplier.
  4. Does anyone have suggestions for a cone 5-6 porcelain? Helious and Mary's don't play well with my glazes. Thanks!
  5. Sold our Lockerbie. So there is the major portion of a new purchase. Yes, we sold a Lockerbie. Between my bad knees and my partner in muds bad back the Lockerbie just wasn't working for us. Neither of us could spend more than an hour working on it. We are both short and couldn't get comfortable on it. It went to a good home. It was purchased as a birthday gift to wife/mom by a dad and daughter. Small world, the mother and daughter are taking lessons from an old acquaintense we met 20 years ago when we were first taking lessons. Good karma.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions. Now I need to do a bit more research and comparison.
  7. Thanks! I had a feeling that would be the response. I'm not in a huge rush. Any suggestions for ~$1,000?
  8. I use it on buncomb white and hellious porcelain, 04 bisque. Its a little runny so use it thin at the bottom.
  9. While it doesn't look like the ads, I've be been happy with the results. I'm using a manual kiln to c 5 with a 30 min soak then a natural cool (when outside temps are over 50° since the kiln is in the garage). Hope this helps.
  10. I like the change. The separation makes sense to me.
  11. My studio partner and I are looking at wheels that can be used standing. Neither of us throw more than 25 lbs of clay and price is a huge consideration. The Speedball 1/3 HP is intriguing. Any input? Thanks!
  12. If you're looking for larger leaves with strong vein lines acanthis or hydrangea would work well.
  13. I've been off the forum for a while. Paying job has been in the way since April. Finally getting back in the studio. Hooray! I'm looking for recipes for both gloss and matte warm (chocolate) brown glazes at ^ 5-6. I usualy use Buncomb White clay, but playing with Mary's Porcelian and Hellious. Suggestions and pics welcome! Thanks! P
  14. I've used several brands of dry glazes. Coyote so far has been my favorite. On the down side, they are expensive. If you are interested in mixing your own I would highly recommend buying a copy of "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes." It has several good base glazes that can be easily altered. Also, Pottery Making Illustrated recently ran a piece on setting up a glaze studio. I found it very informative. If your sharing a studio with others the initial investment might be a reasonable choice. A good source for buckets is your local pizza dive. I talked to the manager and they saved buckets for me, FREE!
  15. ( link isn't working. I get audio but no vid.
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