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  1. I use it on buncomb white and hellious porcelain, 04 bisque. Its a little runny so use it thin at the bottom.
  2. While it doesn't look like the ads, I've be been happy with the results. I'm using a manual kiln to c 5 with a 30 min soak then a natural cool (when outside temps are over 50° since the kiln is in the garage). Hope this helps.
  3. I tried it on a test tile. Applied as recommended. It came out a dull brick color. My guess is the application was too thin. I'll try again in the next glaze fire.
  4. Ayn Rand popped into my head when I say this piece.
  5. IMHO you used two terms that do not mix, electric and outdoors. Electric kilns are not meant for outdoor use. The potters I know that use gas kilns outdoors have them in protected areas. Roof and two or three protected sides. Your best bet is to ask the manufacturer.
  6. Teardrop- Thanks for the inspiring photos of your use of this glaze (not to mention your wonderful pots!). I think I may need to revisit this glaze!
  7. Even with the advise of the makers, I've given up on Ancient Jasper. It's never come out like the photos on the web site. Not even close. I've tried different firing schedules, different clay bodies and it always turns out black to dark brown with little bits of red and eggplant. Guess I'm not holding my mouth right...
  8. IMHO, a foot with wax application on the pot and a good coat of kiln wash on the shelves is all that's needed. I do use a cookie when testing a new glaze. I use kiln wash on those as well. Kiln wash is pretty forgiving.
  9. I have a plethora of test pinch pots to go in for a glaze fire. Just haven't had the time to fire, hopefully this weekend. Once again I'm trying the Ancient Jasper. It was put on a small leaf shaped plate with some texture and applied thick. Thanks for the warning about running!!! We'll see... Trying some new commercial glazes, AMMACO, Palladium and Coyote, Opal and Archie's Base. I'm also playing with a couple of home made glazes that I didn't like by adding a few ingredients. Sometimes this feels like I should be chanting, shaking chicken bones and bringing out the magic wand when I fire up the kiln.
  10. I keep little pinch pots of various sizes and shapes around to test glazes on. Next glaze firing I'm going try a couple with what looks like too much and way too much;0) At least the last ones were showing the reds. I refuse to give up on this glaze as I love the look of it when done properly! Thanks for your help. Just as a FYI, I just ordered a pint of AMACO Palladium to try. I saw a piece done in that glaze and my jaw hit the floor, it was that gorgeous!
  11. Just opened the kiln. I fired it fast with no soak, low for an hour, medium for an hour. When I started seeing red I closed the peeps and lid. About 5 hours until the cones dropped. The witness cones were perfect. The Ancient Jasper was green with only hinds of red (last time it was more of a dark eggplant purple with green). My thought is that I'm not applying the glaze thick enough...
  12. It's great to know that the manufactures are listening to us! Good customer service equals happy customers! Happy customers equals better sales! And on and on...
  13. A great big THANK YOU to Steve! I'm not trying to chide anyone, but this really need to happen more often with the use of commercial products. We are a community!
  14. Ahh! Mark! Those are beautiful! Are you dipping, brushing or spraying? Thanks for the input! I will try it again!
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