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  1. HYoly cow!!! I was just reviewing my posts and I noticed this thread had 89,000 views! I guess there are a lot of glue challenged potters out there.
  2. BTW, I used your method of reattchment, re bisqued and then did the glaze fire. It held during the glaze fire although because of surface differences I needed to switch to an opaque glaze. It looks pretty good and I will use the method again if needed.
  3. Dear Natas Try this. I did it for the first time about a year ago. But to make things easy on yourself just put 1 kilo of ball clay in a 5 liter plastic water bottle jug. fill it with clean water add .25% of sodium silicate and .25% of soda ash. That is 2.5grams of each product. make sure it is all mixed up smooth. After 20 hours, poke a hole 1/3 the way up from the bottom and let the top 2/3 of the thin liquid run into a bowl. It will be very watery. discard the bottom 1/3. Be careful during the entire time to not disturb the sediments as they will ruin your terra sig. I apply it thinly a
  4. Really beautiful, Marcia. so kind of you to post.
  5. Dear Smartcat, Oh, please do enter your work!!! kisses from Portugal

  6. I think I must be stressed out. I cannont remember if I already submitted a call for entries for Seapots, Teapots and a Sunday Tea Party exhibition and ceramic art competition in Portugal? Sorry, some things I start then get interupted and never sure if I finished. I need an organizational system. I still plan to submit a press release. regards, Rosemary
  7. Yep, and yep. I thought that gravity was going to be my enemy here and this is confirmed. Now I have to pull it apart and use the paperclay remedy. Thanks to you both.
  8. Good morning friends: Does anyone have experience with gluing pieces that have broken or fallen off during bisque firing? Here people sometimes use UHU glue to glue pieces on before dipping in glazes and then glaze firing. I have done this successfuly with a tiny piece but does any body know if this works for sprigs or heavier pieces? I have a vase where i sculpted leaves and pears then I attached them. The pear fell off during bisque firing and i want to glaze. I actually already used E6000 on the piece but now I wonder if it will melt and fall before the glaze can secure it? The pi
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