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  1. If you use stainless steel rods - which you can find at hardware stores and websites - and wrap them with newspaper while building, the newspaper burns out and allows for clay shrinkage. If you really want to do the math, I'm sure there's a way to determine the thickness of the paper. But I just roll some around them, add tape and build. You can also find baling wire, which is stainless steel. I got a roll of s.s. wire from Ace Hardware which is just under 1/8 inch in diameter.
  2. You might try making your support rods out of clay, fire them, then use them as the armature. They will be brittle, but strong, and you can shape them any way you want. Of course, shrinkage will still have to be dealt with. . . Interesting idea. Thanks to everyone who contributed sources and ideas.... Jayne
  3. This will join anything - even broken bisque. Fill a blender half full of torn toilet paper - tear it into 1/2 square pieces. Add vinegar to cover. Blend and blend and pulverize. Pour into a jar in which dried, pulverized clay sit. Mix. The texture should be that of lumpy applesauce.
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