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  1. I had to use special stilt pins when making my stilts. Softer metal (nails etc) will just melt and bend (even some of the thinner stilt pins do under weight too) . I found mine on ebay way back when I did it. I even got some 6" ones I use for small t-pot lids and such. I just drilled a hole in a shelf post and set them in. If you google stilts there are a lot of results
  2. thanks bciskepottery that was something I very much wanted to look into. However now looking at it looks a bit more difficult to put my head around than I think I can work out. Thanks for the link, I'm going to keep looking at her site see if I can figure it out more
  3. Because the glaze we have been using for 20 years has been discontinued (pink one forgot the name) we have been trying the new glazes from Gare and Duncan and we hate them does anyone have any recommendations for a clear earthenware food safe bisque glaze. Our bisque is fired to 03 to 04 and we fire our glaze loads at 06. I don't mind if I get it in dry form, liquid anything. I'm open to try anything. We go through a good amount probably 10 to 20 gallons a month I'm open to try anything and any help is most appreciated **whoopsie I thought I was posting this in the clay and glaze area
  4. Hi Chris, sorry to cause such a fuss and side track your original post. Once one starts using rss feeds (from reading point of view) they are invaluable for keeping up with "lots" of sites easily and daily. Sort of like reading a daily newspaper that only has things one wants to read (terrible analogy) and like Carl says it makes it easy to keep up with 100's of site and see who has new posts just in the time it takes for morning coffee. Although it takes a bit more to go back and read the new posts An easy way to see if a site has a feed is to look for the little orange feed icon on the right side in the browsers address bar when visiting a site.
  5. love your site Chris, wish you had a rss feed to add to my reader though. Is in not a "blog" so much? Is that the reason no feed?
  6. looks like homemade perhaps is it just regular metal and rusted inside too? , the vacuum areas need to be sealed with caulk or silicone if you plan on taking it apart to get it (vacuum area) going. At least mine does.
  7. I've heard of people using food coloring in wax relief and it fires out
  8. Will you be shipping or just have local pickup? What area/state?
  9. Can you give us an example on how it is used or what you are working with? Is it a glaze formula?
  10. So far so good, been casting with my mix just fine. No problems with test piece that was fired then glazed and fired again
  11. I take mine and put it bucket and break up pieces with a clean hammer or piece of wood then put on a mask and use my drywall mud mixer to break it up more. Add hot water and add a little bit at a time to good slip after it is reconstituted.
  12. Another side effect of not venting I've noticed is also rust. Not sure what causes it but metal items in our warehouse tend to get pretty rusty pretty fast
  13. what is the small studio way to do a thermal shock test? I've had pieces that did not show crazing for 2 years before.
  14. That was a long story but I think you will be fine. Not sure how much of a mix you have though. I've recently just ordered some sodium Silicate liquid for another deflocculate besides the soda ash just in case I get too thick as I've started on the second 5 gallon bucket. Figure if I fail and it does not cast well I'll just make a bunch of paper clay with it.
  15. ***Warning, I am still doing experiments and am only a beginner at trying this I have recently done this on purpose, similar happenstance but my clay is a pressing clay, my slip a different brand that we have not been able to get so we were running low. I have no idea what I was doing so I googled making slip and am in the trial and error phase of seeing if I can combine lots of scarp pressing clay (pug mill is out of service and I have rebuilding it, plus it scares me to death) I started with this link here http://www.nmclay.com/Customer_service/Slipmaking.htm I narrowed the list down a bit as I knew my pressing clay had some of the ingredients and we have a super osmosis water filter dohicky at our studio so far the only thing I have added is a bit of soda ash (using Arm & Hammer washing soda as it has no additives and is Sodium Carbonate - soda ash) Wish I would have kept better track of the amounts for future reference as I sort of just guessed. I did a test casting of pure recycled and it came out of mold fine, I've since added a about 4 gallons of it to my existing slip and it has cast fine too. My first test piece is in kiln as I write this as I'm hoping I have no problems with glaze fit as I added no talc as I figured my pressing clay and the existing slip had it already. So far so good. here is another resource I used as it has a bit more info on adjusting. I'm a googler, when I need to figure out something I just google like crazy. http://www.lagunaclay.com/support/art-of-slipmaking.php
  16. I've had some luck dremmling the sharp burst bubbles and lightly glazing the bare bisque if any and firing at a cone lower. when I fired at same temp I just got more bubbles elsewhere. I'm no expert though just had to get used to new type of glaze recently and it did not like it being very thick at all.
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