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  1. You could try making a little bit of paper clay to fill in the crack..... a little of your clay body + some wet toilet paper (30%-50%), throw it in a blender. After it dries see if you need to add more into the crack, dry again, sand to fit the curve of the rim. Glaze, fire. If you already have paper clay of the ^6, it would work too. Best of luck, J
  2. since I am not only a 62-year-old potter, but also have been a nurse since '67, I , too, have back issues. when I (re) injured my back last January I could find no relief from my chiroprator & massage tx, I researched online and found "losethebackpain.com".......it has helped me tons! Worth checking out IMHO. With the usual disclaimers, ie: I get nothing out of provididng this info. Be Well, Jennifer
  3. . At $100, I feel the kiln is a steal! I have an old Knight kiln that I got 2nd hand in 1995. Looks quite like the one you are considering. I sprayed it with ITC, got new elements from Euclids when the old ones wore out about 2 years later... Finally had to get a new kiln sitter. It still works just great! Jennifer
  4. Hi Tom, In my experience grinding high-fired clay is pretty futile, requiring diamond/carbide drill bits, and pretty inacurrate, and,yes a health hazard. Any holes for hanging can easily be made when leather hard. Have you done shrinkageg tests on your clay body? This could help you to determine the size of your rabbet, and you could make it with some leeway and then fill it in with some sort of caulking... Good Luck, J
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