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  1. Thank you both Marci and Carolyn for responding to my post... I'll look for the remaining details when you get them posted. Seattle might be too far for me to travel this year for this conference, especially since I'm spending $ on getting to Tampa for NCECA... perhaps another similar conference (w/P. King & others) might come to the East Coast soon? [crossing fingers]
  2. I saw in the Potters Council newsletter that there is another Architectural Clay and Tile conference slated for later in the year... but there was no link or information on where it is being held... or who will be involved in leading the workshop. Does anyone have more "specific" information on this workshop yet? Dates, Location, Who the featured artists will be, etc??? Thanks in advance... - Ken
  3. I have an old Creative Industries MP wheel... must've bought around 1986 or so... direct from their factory... I drove down from L.A. and went and picked it up in El Cajon. I don't recall it even coming with an owner's manual back then, if it did... I don't have it anymore. I know that when I bought it Kenton Oakes had just recently purchased the company from the original owner, and they were just beginning to get their feet wet in the business. Recently, late last year I believe... Kenton sold the company to "Speedball" and they make the wheels now. I don't know what their customer service is like yet, but I suppose it will be interesting to see going forward. Have you tried contacting them yet? Sorry I couldn't be more help... good luck refurbishing your wheel. - Ken
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