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  1. From the album: Functional Ceramics + Beyond | Potters Council Conference

    Read more about the conference: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/potters-council/functional-ceramics-beyond/ BROOKE NOBLE Pictorial Porcelain: Enhancing the Surface with Pattern, Design, and Personal Narrative Brooke’s demonstration will include various ways in which to make forms as well as an array of ways to excite the surface with several decorative techniques being shown and exercised by those who attend. Participants will gain a new vocabulary of skills and technique and take home ideas on how to develop and expand on their own personal style. The presentation of methods will focus on enhancing the ceramic surface through a variety of techniques. Participants will learn how to add interest and voice to the surface of functional pots and other porcelain forms. Methods of creating forms will be discussed and shown are: simple wheel throwing, wet hand-building on the wheel head, soft-slab construction, slip-casting, and a coil-building/pinching technique used to create texture. By employing various ways of making, Brooke will create forms with which to embellish the surface, and practice several decoration techniques. These techniques include: mishima, sgraffito, thermofax “screen-printingâ€, shellac resist, slip trailing, plaster image transfer, the use of text and font, using templates for slip application, as well as some glazing tips. Conversation about design choices, composition, and the inclusion of narrative as a vehicle for personal messages will be encouraged. Hands On: Participants will practice some of the demonstrated techniques by decorating blank porcelain tiles using carving tools, colored slips and underglazes, type-font, and screened imagery. Additional Information: Brooke Noble (b. 1979) received her B.F.A. from Syracuse University and attended Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois for her M.F.A. Between degrees, she was a resident artist at three studio art centers: Vermont Clay Studio, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, (CO.) and Bluseed Studios of Saranac Lake, NY. Ceramics has taken Noble to many destinations both nationally and internationally in an exchange to both learn and teach ceramic techniques. Highlights for her include kiln-building at Good Hope Plantation in Jamaica and Studying Abroad in Oaxaca State, Mexico during Graduate School. Brooke’s work has been exhibited in numerous reputable galleries nationwide and has been published in books and periodicals. She has been an active volunteer for the NCECA organization and has received artists’ grants and awards for her research in the clay medium. In addition, she enjoys teaching classes and workshops to both adults and children in the Adirondack communities of Saranac Lake and Lake Placid, NY as well as traveling nationally to Art Centers and Academic Institutions to share in her experience.
  2. From the album: Functional Ceramics + Beyond | Potters Council Conference

    Read more about conference: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/potters-council/functional-ceramics-beyond/ TOM LUCAS The Printer and The Potter Tom will demonstrate a true printmaking approach to surface decoration on clay with a focus on how images can be transferred onto functional forms. Using printmaking techniques such as lithography, screenprinting and relief, he will discuss the unique ways to get everything from text, drawing and photographic images onto to the clay surface. Highlighting the printed images on clay with transparent glazes and wax-resist will bring together the best of what the print shop has to offer to the clay studio. There will be a discussion about the pros and cons with printmaking techniques on green ware as apposed to bisque. Clay bodies with a low grog composition work the best to transfer images so a range of clay bodies can be used. Many of the modified underglazes work to cone 10. These processes work with a basic modification of Amaco underglazes, engobes and glaze from both dry and wet states. In order for them to possess the qualities of printing “inkâ€, Tom will discuss the variations between oil-based and water-based mediums used in making the inks for pulling prints onto clay. Hands On: Conference attendees will get the opportunity to print images onto clay tiles utilizing some of the demonstrated printmaking approaches. Additional Information: Tom is an artist, educator and master printer who in addition, has been working with clay for the last 15 years. His work incorporates materials and imagery that reflect his memories and experiences. The goal is to communicate the past the present and the future in his work simultaneously. He is the Director of the Printmaking Department at the Lillstreet Art Center and founder and master printer for Hummingbird Press L.A.C. also housed at Lillstreet in Chicago. Tom has taught classes and workshops at Penland School of Crafts, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Anchor Graphics at Columbia College Chicago, and SkopArt in Skopelos, Greece.
  3. NEW! Introducing the "Question of the Week" Summer is a good time to laugh, share, and to interact in a fun, creative way on our Potters Council forum. We will be posting a "Question of the Week" every Monday for you to answer, give an opinion, and maybe laugh a little. The questions will range from the serious to the not so serious. We are ready to have some fun and hope you will join us. We are all looking forward to see what everyone has to say. Don't be shy to share your answer. We want this to be positive, fun experience and encourage all to respond in a like manner. Put your thinking caps on for this "serious" question: Question of the Week: If you could only take one piece of ceramic art to a deserted island, what would you choose and why? When replying to the question be sure to hit the reply button outside of the message. If not, it quotes all the previous message making the post much longer and difficult to read. Looking forward to the responses...
  4. I just announced the Potters Council 2012 Call for Entries for Calendars... I have included the category function/food - Here is the link: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/potters-council-members/call-for-entries-for-2012-potters-council-calendars/ I hope you all submit an entry...
  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing... beautiful. You should make one of these your avatar in the member profile...
  6. Would you like to be Featured in our 2012 Calendars? We want to create a 2012 calendar featuring YOU! Members are encouraged to send an 11″ x 8.5″ (or larger) 300 dpi photo of your work in .jpg format to cdorr@ceramics.org by September 11, 2011. Be sure to include the following in your email: Name City, State, Country Potters Council Membership Number (Not a member, JOIN TODAY) Need your membership number call 800.424.8698 or email potterscouncil@pubservice.com or go here to obtain membership information One 11″ x 8.5″ (or larger); 300 dpi; .jpg format, horizontal images encouraged but not required - Important: Begin each file name with the surname of the artist, followed by the first name and name of work. (example: smith_john_bluevase.jpg) Pick a submittal category: Sculpture, Teapot, Alternative Firing, Tile, Functional Ceramics & Food or General Entry Only two entries per member permitted (Can be in different categories.) Email submissions to cdorr@ceramics.org, failure to follow above guidelines could result in your submission being rejected. To be eligible, you must be an active Potters Council member and submissions must meet the size and dpi requirements. Due to limited space, we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be included. I look forward to seeing all the great entries. Deadline for 2012 Calendar Submission is September 11, 2011 The 2011 Potters Council Members’ calendars were a huge success, and we will be producing 2012 calendars that will be available mid October of 2011. For 2012 we will be putting together 6 calendars featuring: Sculpture Teapot Alternative Firing Tile Functional Ceramics & Food (Picture should include ceramic piece with food and the food recipe in word document.) General Entry To submit an Entry go here: http://ceramicartsda...ncil-calendars/
  7. FUNCTIONAL CERAMICS + BEYOND September 23-25, 2011 Indianapolis, Indiana Hosted by AMACO/brent Mark Your Calendar and Register Today! SPACE IS LIMITED REGISTER AND LEARN MORE HERE http://ceramicartsda...ceramics-beyond Featured Artists: Tom Lucas, Brooke Noble, Don Reitz, Nan Rothwell, McKenzie Smith and AMACO® Technical and Professional Ceramic Artist staff. Functional is Beautiful Making functional pots is challenging, inspiring and satisfying. Where else can you enjoy something from the moment you start to make it, and each time you use it? Whether you’re serving cool drinks from a pitcher, soup in a bowl or fruit on a platter, functional pieces complement your food and reveal your sense of style. Each of our presenters have developed their own functional style–some steeped in tradition and others going a step beyond. No matter how simple or utilitarian, this conference takes you past the every day function of a piece by paying tribute to the elegant union between surface and form. What will you learn? Learn how images can be transferred onto function forms using printmaking techniques such as lithography, screenprinting and relief. Discover how to highlight the printed images on clay with transparent glazes and wax-resist. Methods of creating forms that will be discussed are: simple wheel throwing, wet handbuilding on the wheel head, soft-slab construction, slip casting, and coil-building/pinching technique used to create texture Learn how to embellish the surface with these techniques: mishima, sgraffito, thermofax “screen-printingâ€, shellac resist, slip trailing, plaster image transfer, the use of text and font, using templates for slip application, as well as some glazing tips. Starting from wheel thrown components, learn multiple ways to alter their shapes and add texture with the following techniques: faceting with a wiggle wire while the wheel is stationary and moving, creating square and oval forms, and stretching the surface to create a parched-earth texture. How to work larger on the wheel, including how to center larger amounts of clay in stages, and how to grow a pot by adding then throwing successive rings of clay. Explore a variety of wheel thrown functional ware including altered pots. Develop techniques on how to use slips, wax and glaze that turn functional work into decorative art. And so much more… REGISTER AND LEARN MORE HERE http://ceramicartsda...ceramics-beyond
  8. Hey John - was out in Seattle and on vacation... so I just saw your post... sounds interesting... just back to work... cleaning up the desk... then planning 2012 conferences... I will keep everyone posted. Keep on providing input everyone...
  9. It is always nice to match a face (or your artwork) to a name...
  10. Nice pictures... For calendar use we need a solid background... made me hungry... You know, we will give it a try for a calendar this year.... if we receive enough entries we will do it... I will be announcing call for entries for calendars in July... Thanks for sharing...
  11. Wow! Totally terrific thinking... love when good minds come together... I will see if I cannot put together the following options... I know from previous experience (another job) that it is extremely difficult to photograph food... So what we could do is have members submit a picture of the piece and they must include the recommended food uses and one recipe for food. And optional is glaze recipe...
  12. Here are some pictures submitted by Potters Council member and attendee Gary Moffatt. Potters Council | Inspired Ceramic Surfaces Conference | Temple, Texas | May 20-22, 2011. Other attendees please be sure to upload your photos...
  13. Tile + Architectural Ceramics conference is fast approaching. This thread is for those attending who would like to have an online place to meet and discuss the event before, during, and after the conference.
  14. Sounds like a fabulous idea... at your next group/guild/class meeting... do a potluck and require that it be on pottery and bring the recipe... And of course we all want to see pictures and recipes... I am working hard to put a conference together for 2012 with this theme.
  15. Inspired Ceramic Surfaces conference is fast approaching. This thread is for those attending who would like to have an online place to meet and discuss the event before, during, and after the conference.
  16. Members of Potters Council can submit to have their own personal online artist portfolio. The Potters Council Artist Portfolio promotes members' work to the public and to your peers. Tap into the world-wide exposure Potters Council members receive with their expanded artist portfolios that are visited by thousands. Each member has an exclusive web link to their portfolio that included up to three photos of their work, contact information, and brief description of themselves and their work. To see online portfolios go here: http://ceramicartsda...ist-portfolios/ To Browse Artists go here: http://ceramicartsda...browse-artists/ For members to request their own personal portfolio go here: http://ceramicartsda...equest-listing/ Not a member, go here to join and then submit your listing: https://www.pubservi...e.aspx?PC=PQ&PK As you browse through the artists... be sure to leave an encouraging comment or paste the link here so we can all take a look!
  17. Potters Council 2012 Exhibition: “The Chromatic Edge†Once again, we celebrate the community of our council with a show of members’ work in conjunction with National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts Conference (NCECA) in 2012. The name of the show is “The Chromatic Edge“. For the third annual members juried competition, Potters Council is seeking entries with an emphasis on the impact of color. The majority of the composition should be ceramic with the focus on color. Consider the full spectrum. Techniques and materials may include glazes, washes, oxides, engobes, slips, stains, underglazes, overglazes, colored clays, china paints, inclusions, exclusions, lusters, pre and post firing additions and any variations. The exhibition will be concurrently shown during NCECA Conference in Seattle in 2012, and will showcase the quality work made by the members of the Potters Council, an international organization with members all over the world. The Chromatic Edge addresses not the outer bounds of our work, but some of the “edges†that can occur within it. In ceramics, form is often seen as paramount, and the visual surface may often become subordinate. However, no form can excel without surface, and color is one of its most evident properties. The edges and contacts between colors, and between surface and clay - can re-compose a work of art, and change our perception of the most humble of pieces. Color can generate emotion, create meaning single-handedly, or change what we think we understand. Color gives the “edge†to ceramics that use it well. In this exhibition, we propose to showcase work that uses color in thoughtful, subtle, bold, or innovative ways. We are challenging our members to examine and explore the use of color in their work. It will be visually dramatic, thought-provoking, and bring color in from the periphery of our endeavor right to the center. CO-JURORS Jennifer Harnetty—Columbus, Ohio Jennifer Poellot Harnetty is the managing editor of ceramicartsdaily.org, a tips and techniques blog and website for ceramic artists with 75,000 registered users, and the online home of magazines Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated. Also a potter, she has been working with clay for more than 10 years. In 2004, she became assistant editor, and later associate editor, of Ceramics Monthly and Pottery Making Illustrated. Recently, she has helped develop and launch the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, a growing collection of instructional videos for ceramic artists. Robbie Lobell—Coupeville, Whidbey Island, Washington Robbie Lobell is a full-time studio potter and pottery teacher living and working in Coupeville, on Whidbey Island, Washington. She has been working in clay for more than 30 years, receiving her education in ceramics through residencies, apprenticeships, and assistantships. Robbie was on the faculty at the Worcester Center for Crafts in Massachusetts for 10 years and has taught workshops and classes at craft schools throughout the country and in her in her studios on Whidbey Island Lobell is a member of NCECA, Potters Council of The American Ceramic Society, Washington Potter’s Association, Artists Trust, Northwest Designer Craftsmen, and Slow Food USA. For more details go here... http://ceramicartsda...il-juried-show/ Call for Entries Form: http://media.ceramicartsdaily.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/call-for-entries-2012.pdf
  18. Your welcome Laurie... It is an important benefit... Have a great day!
  19. Just wanted to let you know that we announced the Tile+Architectural Ceramics Conference. Here is the link: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/potters-council/tilearchitectural-ceramics/ If you have any questions, please contact me at anytime.
  20. Laurie, I just arrived at work, and had the message in my inbox from Jennifer... So thanks for posting this last night.
  21. Larry, Thanks for letting me know... that is helpful. When I talk with them I will let them know that I did receive a note from a member who account was not charged... Can you private email me your full name and business name so I can refer to your account? You can private email here or send to cdorr@ceramics.org. Thanks so much
  22. Laurie in Cali, Good Morning! I have a call into Chase Paymentech. Once I hear back from them I will post here. If you private message me with your email I will contact you directly with the news as well. Disappointed that they did not follow through with their promises. I will work swiftly to resolve this issue.
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