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Don Reitz | Presenter at PC Functional Ceramics+Beyond

Carolyn Dorr

Read More about the conference go here: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/potters-council/functional-ceramics-beyond/



All You Wanted to Know About Ceramics, but Couldn’t Find a Teacher to Tell You

Don will be using the vessel form as a jumping off point for the personal expression of the potter by utilizing different wheel throwing techniques, decorating with slips and AMACO Velvets, glazing processes, and creating special effects on your work by stacking and creative firing. Don will also demonstrate throwing larger on the wheel, show several painting techniques on slab work, and will discuss woodfiring and salt glazing.




Additional Information:

Artist Statement:

The search for artistic expression never goes away. It is a continuation of experiences that have led me to this particular point in my career. Because of recent physical restrictions I am no longer able to do large sculptures and throw a ton of clay over the weekend by myself, which I truly enjoyed doing. It is a natural evolution for me to revert back to my painting skills and working with color to counter the extreme discomfort of physical exertion. This is not the first time I have made full circle, in the early 80’s during the Sara Series; color was a means of diverting pain into pleasure. I enjoy the “color†of wood firing and the firing process. Now I have combined the three things I love in my art color, form, and physical activity. I have been able to develop a pallet of bright colors that are muted by the wood fire at cone 13, using my slips, and clay bodies. The triptychs are naturally a carryover from my abstract expressionism days as a painter in the early 50’s. I love the action and physical activity of throwing color around, and the ability to add to, abstract from, bend, alter, and tear my canvas. Clay is wonderful; there are no limits to this medium. I’m looking forward to a long period of working with wood firing, bright colors, painting and sculpture. Thanks to my two assistants I can do a body of work again. I always remember there are no rules, only concepts.

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Functional Ceramics + Beyond | Potters Council Conference

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