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  1. I will be in Italy soon. Do you know where I might find a supplier while I am there?
  2. This is what I was afraid of. I have some squirreled away for the time being. But there are lots of folks using decals out there. Are we all out of luck?
  3. I have gotten waterslide decal paper in the past from BelDecal and it is now unavailable. I have tried other sources to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. The kiln is Skutt 1218. Whatever the relays did it went to 2162 degrees. I dipped one of the cups from that firing in the intended glaze and it appears to be adhering in the usual way. My local kiln guy replaced the relays and suggested I fire at medium speed with no soak. He wonders whether crazing might be an issue. (When it it not!)
  5. I apparently had a relay fail in my kiln and my bisque (eventually intended for a gallery!!) fired to cone 5. Any suggestions? Someone suggested spraying the work with a cheap hairspray and then applying glaze.
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