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  1. I was taught in a school environment. The rule was do not mix different kinds of clay together.ok now later and on my own I have been throwing with all mid-range stoneware clay.Is it possible to reclaim this clay together?
  2. I am trying to set up my Orton vent master on my new Paragon TNF823,big ceramic stores biggest little kiln.My husband is helping me and instructions are saying drill intake holes in the lid.I'm thinking they are pre drilled but can't see them.Really do not want to screw up my 1st kiln.Do we need to drill or not?
  3. I am lucky to have just moved to the Fl.Keys but have no inside spot for my studio.I'm thinking on an upstairs covered porch.My main concern is besides if the rain will hit my green ware and swatting bugs as I throw,will salt air corrode my wheel?Also how would the heat effect my pots?Thanks.
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