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  1. Unfortunately, I have some bad glaze drips. I have 3 coats of kiln wash on the shelves, but when I went to pop the glaze off with a cold chisel, part of the shelf came with it. I have a couple of gouges in the shelf now and still more glaze to get off somehow. Before I continue trying to remove the drips, I would like more advice. My drips are pretty thick, so grinding will take a long time...and I actually have a lot of drips on one shelf. (I have nearly a complete ring from a really bad run. Obviously, I shouldn't have applies a particular glaze over another.) Is there a special way to chip glaze off? I wonder if my kiln wash wasn't thick enough, even with 3 coats. Where I have dug into the shelf, so long as I am able to get all the glaze off, is it still safe to use the shelf? Does anyone have some advice or suggestions for saving the shelves? Thanks
  2. I put a coat of glaze on a pot last weekend. This weekend I went back to finish glazing. I dipped the same pot into another glaze. The second coat cracked and peeled off in chunks. It happened on 2 pots, same glazes. On one, i lightly tapped and brushed the loose glaze with a brush, then dabbed glaze back on with the brush. - On the other, since is was more of a flat piece, I left it like that. I'm hoping it will still melt as I want it to even though it's cracked and not adhering to the first layer of glaze. I wonder if the first coat (dipped a week ago) got so dry the new glaze couldn't adhere. Other glazes adhered to the same first coat from last week though. So it might be just the two glazes don't work well together. Does anyone have advice for me? Thanks
  3. I am new at firing my own pots. I've only glaze fired a couple of times in my new Skutt kiln. I just glazed some pieces today and I'm hoping to fire tomorrow. I don't know if overnight is long enough for drying though. I left the temperature in the room at 65 degrees F. Will it be safe to fire so soon? Thanks
  4. Hi, I'm a new member and a fairly new potter. I used to pot, taking classes and more classes, but I haven't thrown a pot in 15 years. I'm starting a new "studio" in the corner of our garage. I bought a wheel about 15 years ago and I'm just now using it. It's a Pacifica GT400, by Laguna. It's working great but I am frustrated with the splash pan. It's very frustrating getting it attached correctly. I work with it for quite a while before it finally just comes together and I don't know why it finally fits. Can anyone give me some advice? Maybe there's a trick about connecting the splash pan that I haven't figured out yet. I remember in the studio I used when taking classes, we didn't use a splash pan, but I need one because I can't let the slurry fly in my small space. Thanks so much!
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