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  1. Okay, thanks guys, I'll have to talk things over with the person helping me to install the kiln.
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies! If I was to keep it in the garage then, how far away from the walls would be a good distance?
  3. Hello, I live in Arizona, and it gets really hot here. It also rains a lot in the summer when we have monsoons. So my question would be, how should I cover my kiln from the elements? That is, the 110+ degree heat and the rain and wind from monsoons. I've been trying to think of a way, because I'd need something sturdy and leakproof because it needs to withstand storms, but I also need it to have adequate ventilation and less conduction of heat. I was going to put the kiln on my back cement patio, and the kiln isn't very large. I don't really know how much it takes to protect an electric kiln outside, but I figure I don't want it to get wet, and I believe there's a limit to the amount of heat it can take on the digital controller. I would of course be planning to unplug it and cover it during storms, but the less water the better, and shade would still be important. So how do I make an adequate environment for this kiln to live in? Thanks!
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