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  1. After many years in elementary art, I am now teaching HS Ceramics (3 sections) and Studio (3). I was disappointed to see that there were no posts added to your question. My students have been used to making magnets and stamps and I have been trying to start with handbuilding and would be interested to know what suggestions are available for the student who is 'done'.
  2. Responses are interesting and I like the idea of the anthropomorphic mugs. I do not like underglazes (cone 04) as they tend to look like spray paint and did not use them with my elementary kids, but the previous high school ceramic people only used the underglazes. I have a reasonably stocked elementary supply of Amaco LG series glazes but can not take them to the high school due to individual budgets, etc. Also, what textbook would be suggested in aiding curriculum writing? Thanks~
  3. I am interested in creative ways to begin a new ceramics program (including worksheets, tests, suggested beginner materials, etc.) at our high school. I will have beginners, and advanced. I am a potter and formerly elementary art teacher moving to a HS vacancy.
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