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  1. In case it didn't post, Thanks to All. I finally remembered if the bottom is glazed it's earthern ware and if not then stoneware. Wow a lightbulb moment. LOL
  2. Ok, haven't been in my studio for 4 years. Health and other issues. Got it cleaned so ready to start again. I have numerous pieces that I made prior to quitting. They have been bisque fired and are all glazed. I was working with stoneware and earthenware, I don't have my notes. should I just fire all to earthenware temps. Is there any other way to tell what is stoneware and what is earthernware? Suggestions appreciated. Ps after all these years, it's almost like starting over. Thanks in advnace Harry Potter
  3. Thanks for all the input. I'm still having problems with other Spectrum glazes and realized that I experienced same problems in 2012. Wrote the company and got a similar response as to bacteria. I bought all spectrum glazes at the same time in 2012, about 30 pints. My studio temps are 40 coldest and about 98 hottest. Yesterday the flaking was from a jar never opened. It did have to be reconstituted with water and half teaspoon of suspender (spectrum brand). Flaked off after dry. I did read thread from "mossyrock" and very similar problems. Anyone got a good source for low fire glaze recipes that will run and blend? I had just as soon make my own. Make my own raku glazes now. Thanks to all.
  4. Spectrum 911 stardust kept in studio, never frozen, tight lid, still lost a lot of the water in mixture. I reconstituted with water and blended with an immersion blender. Got a good consistency and proceeded to glaze a couple of pots. I first layered Spectrum 909 / 2 light coats drying in between. Then one coat of 911-reconstituted. Once dry the 911 flaked off. See Photo. I emailed spectrum but got no real answers. Just advice on keeping bacteria out of glaze and not dipping brush into glaze bottle. which I don't do. Any thoughts, ideas on cause?
  5. Well I have a VPM 9. Bought last year. Used about 4 times. Having issues with significant pitting in the chamber after leaving clay in pugger for 6 weeks. Have only pugged Earthenware and a little Stoneware. Talked to Peter Pugger today. Initial conversation with company was not very encouraging . Will let the forum know how the customer service is for this extremely expensive piece of equipment that lays claim to a pugger that "Stores moist clay indefinitely".
  6. I spoke with a mold maker this week about the same thing. They suggested that I make a couple of cast with slip or moist clay with the alternative clay and just plan on throwing the cast away. They said usually by the second cast most of the alternate clay has been removed and shouldn't stain the other color. Worth a try.
  7. I love this site, the members are so quick to respond. Good advice all the way around. I did try dipping in the mix and it seems to work, even if brushing seemed weak. May dip a couple of times to be sure thickness is sufficient. Thanks folks.
  8. Well, here I am once again. Made a batch of Raku copper luster from book- alternative kilns and firing tech. Recipe notes from workshop noted batch made a gallon. Sooo I mixed up batch ( approx.1,060 grams) added a gallon of water, screened and it ended up very fluid. Any suggestions for reducing the amount of water or thickening up mix, I've already left top off hoping for evaporation. Aside from making up partial additional recipe to add to this batch, I'm at a loss. Any suggestions? It's not like I could add flour to thicken it. But is there anything I could add to thicken without affecting the product. or just bite the bullet and make up partial recipe. Recipe: 750.00 Gerstley borate 250.00 Bone 1000.00 Total add 40.0 Copper carbonate 20.0 Cobalt Oxide
  9. I use a siphon spray gun from axner (k-grip). Very easy to clean. Delivers good amount of glaze. I use a siphon feed air brush for smaller amounts of application. Both work great.
  10. Thanks for taking time to respond. I appreciate your input. Harry
  11. Thanks for your reply. Makes sense, a little extra grog wouldn't hurt regardless. Porcelain amount is very minimal.
  12. Sweet wife bought me a New Peter Pugger for Christmas. I have buckets of clay from projects gone bad. Clay is mixture of stoneware, earthernware, skosh of porcelan. As clay is all mixed together II would like to pug for a Raku mix. Will this be Ok for a Raku clay? Any comments from experienced potters would be appreciated.
  13. Great ideas one an all. Thanks to everyone for their input.
  14. Thanks Mark. Will try the remoisten method and order the mender.
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