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  1. I am looking for a commercial supplier of white, low fire, paper clay. Any suggestions?
  2. You said, "Also there is a supplier that makes flax paper clay and it had a chemical added to it to stop it forming mould." Could you reveal who that supplier might be? Thanks, Rohrshack
  3. I am new to this board and have tried to search for answers to my problem. I have been very careful in brushing on glaze so that it is not overly think. I have one favorite glaze that just loves to drip. Since I use stilts, bubbles of drips tend to gather along the sides of the bottom, so that the ceramic piece does not stand straight. I would like to minimize the occurrence of drips and find a way to remove drips when they do occur. This is a commercial AMOCO "F series" glaze and I have tried to thin out the glaze but it still flows wildly. I fire at either cone .05 or .06 with the same result.
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