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  1. catpaws is totally correct! First order of reprograming is... turn it off or unplug it! Saved a repair many times... on many things. But... remember to plug it back in! Nothing more embarrassing then for a repair man to come in and plug it in for you... sigh... Scout
  2. Very interesting! I have found if I concentrate on the clay first, and feel the excitement of that, and then turn my attention and excitement to glazing as a separate art, and then think about the firing, I can do each step with more enthusiasm. I do make little oval shapes of the clays I'm using and glaze each one with the different glazes I use and label the back. I put a hole in each one and put them on a leather string identified as the clay type. I have necklaces of all the clays I use, with the glazes I use on them. New glaze or clay... new pieces on the necklaces. One type clay per necklace, with a variety of glazes on the pieces. Wow that was hard to explain, I hope you can understand it. One more thing... if this is a job to you and not an artistic journey... you are already missing the boat! Scout
  3. Thanks you for the responses! I think my kiln is level and on the stand that was intended for it. I think I cracked it by moving it across the cement floor. I was just concerned about starting a fire. Thank you again. Is there an "introduce yourself" thread? I am new and still finding my way around. Scout
  4. I have a fairly new kiln. It is on legs so it is not on the floor. I keep a kiln shelf, raised about an inch off the bottom of the kiln. I removed that shelf to vacuum the kiln and noticed a crack all the way across the bottom. Am I in danger to set my shop on fire??? Scout
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