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  1. Yes, first time I bought this glaze. It was too thick when mixed initially (following manufacturer's instruction), so added a little water. It went on the pieces beautifully but fired too thin. So I allowed the glaze to sit, then took off some water that separated on top. I have a feeling that's where I went wrong. There was probably some material in the water that I scooped off that threw the chemical or mineral balance out of whack. I will add Epsom salts in tiny increments. Here's hoping...it's a beautiful glaze when it works.
  2. Babs you're on target with sodium silicate turning the glaze to custard....it did! And everything I read indicated it would do just the opposite. I'm afraid I don't have the ingredients. It's Standard ceramic seamist commercial dry glaze. I understand not knowing the recipe limits me in understanding what to do to fix this bucket! I do have some Epsom salts already dissolved in water so I might as well try that (even though I've read that thickens glaze). I'll take the other advice to re-sieve. It's just so odd to have the specific gravity in the light side and have custard consistency. Aaarrggghh.
  3. My Standard ceramic Seamist glaze was going on too thick, even though the specific gravity was measuring ok. It was not settling out in the bucket at all upon standing. On a dipped piece, the glaze would take forever to dry, and would have cracking issues. In many hours of research (and reading at times what seemed to be contradictory advice) , it sounded as though the addition of sodium silicate should thin down the glaze, which is what I thought I wanted to do. I even watched John Britt's video showing exactly what sodium silicate does to his glaze that was behaving like mine -- his thinned down nicely. Mine, on the other hand, gelled up when I added sodium silicate! How could that happen? It seems counter-intuitive, and yet that's what happened. I'm hoping to salvage this bucket of glaze -- is there any advice that will help me? Thank you!
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