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  1. Wow thank you all so much! i can hardly wait to put these to use!:) My studio has been taken over by spiders and all creepy crawlers so I got some diatomaceous earth spread it all around then went out side and did the same I actually threw it up on to the eves and in crevices of the vinyl siding where there were all kinds of critters in a few days I'll go see what's happened, hope there will be lots of dead spiders! They really try to scare me & thought they won ha!!! Seriously these spiders are evil visious things! I will probably mist and sweep gently to remove it all then wash everything down I don't want to contaminate anything. Thank you all I really appreciate you kind advice
  2. Hi:) I haven't been in my studio for almost a year, I really need a daily schedule so I can move forward. I was doing things kind of off the cuff and want to be more professional in my approach this time. Any info is very much welcome.:)
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