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  1. Is there a reason that your working in the cone range of 1-4, or do you mean 01-04. Most people work in Cone 04,05 or 5,6 and 9,10 , there are glaze recipes out there that are Cone 1-4, but not a lot. What clay are you using and are you firing gas or electric? Denice I am using a cone 04 terra cotta. firing electric. by cone 1-4, I mean from cone 01 to cone 04, sorry for the miscommunication.
  2. Hello everyone! I am a student looking for food safe low-fire (cone 1-4) glaze recipes for some bowls that I made. Or list some glaze ingredients I should stay away from. Please help me out by posting some glaze recipes for me, I have been searching for quite some time now. Thank you!
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