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  1. Thanks to all for replies. I am passing along the information to the person who asked me.
  2. I was asked about the pros and cons of buying a Cone 10 Skutt, (6.4 cu ft) vs a Cone 8 Skutt (9.9 cu ft) for firing at cone 6. I'd suspect one might run into element wear sooner with the larger kiln, but since I really don't know, I'm hoping someone might have some insights. Thank you.
  3. Thanks. I am sure some of these companies can access the parts more easily than I can. Got hung up looking online!!!
  4. This topic was on the forum about a month ago. I am wondering if it was resolved. Suddenly my wheel seems noisy (sort of rumbly) at high speed, and maybe not all that speedy. It seems it might be the bearings. Would a person replace both sets? I assume even the top ones have to be accessed from below? The main place I saw bearings was Kruegers. Is this the best source for someone living in Saskatchewan, Canada? Thanks for any suggestions/insights.
  5. This is exactly what I was wondering about as suddenly my Shimpo RK 10 - 21 seems to be noisy and sort of felt like something was binding. Is there anything else besides bearings that might cause this? Virtually no maintenance has taken place, and the wheel seemed fine last time it was used before Christmas. Thanks so much.
  6. Hi, There isn't any clay in the glaze to help adhere it and the other materials are pretty flaky. What cone and what surface are you expecting from this? Maybe some adjustments could be made by reducing the neph sy and adding some clay - but not sure how it would affect your final surface and the melt. Autumn
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