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  1. Here's the DIY video for the splash pan: http://ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramic-studio-equipment/clay-extruders/diy-clay-tools-video-contest-finalist-3/ It's for an extra-large splash pan, but the idea can be easily adapted and modified.
  2. Hi Plattypus, thanks so much!! I just got the manual copy in the mail, and it's great - has a lot of information I would never have expected, including some options the wheel had at the time that I'm going to look into trying now. You even did a color copy - I can see how it had that totally seventies, brown-on-brown color scheme. You get a gold star for going above and beyond the call of duty! Take care, Mickey
  3. Great - thanks again! I owe you one. I'll send my address in a private message.
  4. Thanks, plattypus! That's very generous of you to offer mailing it to me. I can send you a pre-stamped envelope if you tell me how many ounces the final brochure weighs - that way, you're only out a few sheets of copy paper and a scrap of toner! Very best, Mickey
  5. Thanks, plattypus! Anything you can provide wil be greatly appreciated. No fax, however - perhaps if you can snap good pictures of it with a camera or cellphone, you can upload and email them? Please let me know if this is possible. Best regards, Mickey
  6. I have a CI wheel from 1975 I did not receive an instruction book with that wheel. I need a splash pan for mine. Any ideas? merrimac fselder@cox.net You should contact Creative Wheels first - they now represent what used to be Creative Industries wheels - click this link Otherwise, I would check with any local sources of pottery wheel repair and sales. Good luck!
  7. I'm curious about what you need an owners manual for... I have the wheel but not a manual. I don't remember ever having one. Do you need parts info? I'd like to know what they may have recommended in terms of installation, electrical, height adjustment, parts, etc. I know this wheel is supposedly height adjustable, but I just don't see how that would work with the feet on it now, for example.
  8. Hi Donn, I still have found no one else with a Creative Industries potter's wheel owner's manual. Have you by any chance found yours yet? Whenever you do find it, I would still love to get a copy of it. Thanks again! Mickey Fielding Terraforma Studio
  9. Hi Ken, I have been trolling the web since I purchased this wheel, and knew a little about the history of CI. I even managed to get in touch with one of their original techs (see my reply to Donn...). Hopefully, if I don't hear of any other sources, Donn will locate his copy and I'll be lucky to get a copy of it! Thanks for your information! Mickey
  10. Hi Donn, Thanks so much! I have been looking around for awhile, and was even in touch with the man who used to be the technician for Creative Industries. Unfortunately, not even he had an original owner's manual in his old files. I doubt that I'll find anyone else anytime soon who will have one of these, so I would love to get a scanned copy from you. As I said, I'll be happy to pay for it - perhaps if you want to do it as an EBay sale, or however you prefer. Why don't you let me know, whenever you do find the manual, and we can make arrangements at your convenience. I can receive it b
  11. Hey everyone, I'm the proud owner of a new, very old Creative Industries Model MP potter's wheel - my first! I've been renovating it (new wheelhead, removing rust, repainting...) and will eventually need to replace a badly rusted foot pedal. My question is: does anyone out there have an original owner's manual for these wheels? I'd really love to have a copy, and will happily pay for it! Thanks, everyone - I look forward to participating in more discussions here! Mickey Fielding Terraforma Studio
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