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  1. Hey Oly - found this on pinterest. Not sure who was the originator but does this help? You will have to translate the ingredients though. http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/60/e6/70/60e6704d333c7ea9bd6631752834af90.jpg
  2. This is my native clay - a red terra cotta. Recipe - terra cotta 80; Frit 3134 20. You can see the little tea dust crystals.
  3. OK - let's see if this works - trying to add the photo of the glaze
  4. Hey Tyler - I use this doc a lot. I get run off clay from around Terra Cotta and make a nice brown glaze with the addition of 20% 3134 frit.
  5. Not sure why this didn't post - Tuckers Pottery in Ontario may still have copies $ 40 Cdn. http://www.tuckerspottery.com
  6. John - how well does this work for cone 6? It sounds brilliant though..... Thank you.
  7. We have the same thing with our Queenston Shale Clay deposits. I've an old government document that talks about all the different types of clay in Ontario and even gives the chemical breakdown of each type. This is a paragraph from the document: Thin green bands parallel to the bedding, and more rarely at right angles to it, have been formed by the reducing action of acidic groundwaters. Green Shale constitutes 5-25 percent of most Queenston sections. Queenston Shale is readily broken down by weathering, forming ultimately a red clay soil with superior ceramic properties. Composition The Queenston Shale is remarkably uni form in chemical and mineral composition from top to bottom of the formation; minor varia tions have been pointed out in a previous report (Guillet 1967, p.59). Lime content is most variable, ranging 3-18 percent in brick quarries of the Toronto-Hamilton area, re flecting the proportion of green shale beds in the sampled section. Green shale is harder, more limy and less easily broken down by weathering. Colour and porosity of the fired ware is there fore dependent to a large extent on the propor tion of green shale in the section. You can also see this in the Caledon Badlands: Take a peek at the image. http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/North_America/Canada/Central/Ontario/Ingelwood/photo888000.htm Is it similar to this?
  8. Excuse the beginner question - but why can't you just single fire? Just do the glaze firing and skip the bisque.
  9. MC6G is available in Tuckers Pottery Supply in Toronto, Ontario. Order online and they deliver. For the regular price - not the Amazon prices......
  10. So, if I understand this, all of the rock hard bags of soda ash sitting on our shelves, I could pop back in the oven (smashing first with large hammer ) and re-constitute it? Probably wrong word but you know what I mean........
  11. Interestingly enough - the highest sellers were all selling 'personalize' pottery.
  12. Just wanted to say hi, and its nice always to have a new friend. Holler back sometime. juli

  13. As a relative newby I've only used the Pacifica 400 series wheels. What are people's opinions of them? They seem to be a nicely priced option - we have 8 of them at our guild.
  14. It's a Skutt Kiln - http://www.skutt.com/products/ks.html Try giving them a call - they can probably help you identify the model.
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