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  1. We were just doing this today at the Guild. The fired ones that had come back had slumped in cone 10 redcution, and the pieces they were trimming and carving today were already showing signs of collapsing. I have one to work on next week which I have left alittle thicker, and I will waite longer before carving and try some of the other advice also. Thanks; I am glad I came home for some advice first. Those bowls are very nice! Thanks
  2. I have heard that. It is always good to understand foreign languages. It makes me want to do even more crap. Everyone have a great day!
  3. There has been a lot of good ideas and options presented here, and I only want to add one more for your consideration. You could look into local studios that will fire your work for a fee. Until you figure out how far you want to commit to this hobby/obession it would be more cost effective and not so sharp of a learning curve, if you have your pieces bisqued elsewhere and then play with Raku or sawdust, saggar and all of the wonderful possibilities. You will still have to invest in the materials and means for making glazes, and lots and lots of reading.
  4. I'm not sure what could have been present that would have reduced it. I wasn't trying anything, and everything else was normal.
  5. I slip trailed some oatmeal on it in the center.
  6. Hi, That is very similar to the thicker side that ran off on my piece. I wonder if the Gerstley Borate made that much difference. I am attaching a closer view of a previous piece glazed in my last batch. It didn't really show much flecking but was a really nice transparent that was well behaved.
  7. Yes, I noticed that other formulas used GB not Borax and that could be better. As this was the formula in my book I think this is the same one I have had good results with before; which would be variations between black with some gold flecking and a transparent treacle. I will try removing some water and do a small test. If that doesn't change it there may be too much flux. Would you reccomend adding clay or alumina? I am programming for cone 5, but I know that in places the cone 6 is also down, but nothing else has run. Thank you, I appreciate your help. There is certainly a lot to learn with your own glazes, but it is definitely worth it. Thanks, Sandy
  8. Hi all, I have mixed this glaze before and it was very stable and lovely. Whre it was thin it was a transparent treacle color. This time it is unrecognizable. It feels rough and ran off the pot causing it to crack. I checked with my local ceramics supplier and he pointed out the problems with the formula and advised that I use a glaze software program to check formula's before I use them. But it did work before, so I think it is a mistake that I made in either mis-weighing or missing something. The specific gravity is too low; so I can remove some water and test it again, but it is so different that I don't think that is the only issue. Is there any point to trying to fix this, or am I better to throw it away? Temmoku Gold c6 Cornwall Stone 61. Whiting 8. Borax 3. Lithium carb. 5.5 Dolomite 7. Flint 5.5 Red Iron Oxide 10. :(/>
  9. Yes that will be a problem . It will be damper inside than the outside. I would imagine if I program a preheat over night and fire slowly the next day, I may aviod a blowup. Maybe even if I place on the lid of the kiln for the next firing that should help to dry it out enough to remove the lid. Thanks for mentioning it.
  10. I would also bisque and try to gently tap them apart at this point. Use newspaper strips next time. I was taught this technique in school and never have had a lid stick.
  11. Thanks for everyones advice and enthusiasum! Why the paper towels were to hopefully stop the barely moist (I thought) two pieces from joining. It does usually work when you can't leave them out. The paper towels were Bounty , but they aren't lifting just ripping. So I guess I can try wetting the towels and if that doesn't release them, I should wait and fire them together and cross my fingers. Thanks everyone!!
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