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  1. Is anyone else having this problem with CAD "comments" at the end of daily posts? Instead of just listing all the comments it seems they have changed it to a clickable link (i.e., "16 Comments, etc). The link is not working for me! Every other hot link on the page works except this one. I enjoy the reader comments, sometimes more than the article they are commenting upon. Any help here?
  2. show went great! many sales, yay!

  3. I don't raku as a rule, but often do smoke or pit-firings. I seal my pit-fired pots with wax, plain old wax like you make candles with. Heat the pot in your home oven while melting wax in double boiler on top the stove. Either dip a small pot, or use an old brush to "paint" it on inside and out. The warmed pot will let the wax soak in, water-proofing and giving the clay a beautiful warm glow. Holds water, too
  4. Beware! Some earthenwares will melt into a puddle at ^6, while some stonewares will not mature at that temp. If you burnish an earthenware piece, then fire it to ^6, it will lose most of the shine, though it will still be relatively smooth. If you fire to ^6, the clay closes up too much to accept the smoke from a pitfire. If you bisque low, its my experience that either clay will smoke nicely, both red clays and white, though of course the whites are more dramatic.
  5. I have been making boxes like this for some time, they are fun and satisfying. Its kinda complicated, the way I make them, but I would be happy to explain how I do it if you'd like. I call them "Odd Little Boxes with Practically useless Drawers" It always gets a laugh, and then I explain that they are not completely useless, just not very practical. In actuality, the drawers are completely useable, though some are big and some are small. People who buy them come back and tell me they found the perfect thing for each drawer. I have made them with only one drawer, but usually they have four or five or more. The biggest one had 27 drawers, some drawers inside other drawers. That one was fun. Let me know if you'd like detailed instructions.
  6. Well this is a rather disturbing thread! How many potters out there, professional or hobbyists, have bought their kilns used, never considering that it may have been previously used for god-knows-what purpose with god-knows-what chemicals? I have been using my ancient second-hand kiln for 15 years, and have put countless vessels out into the world, never even imagining there could be a problem with passing on lead poisoning to myself or others! sheesh! Is this really that big a threat to health and safety?? Perhaps all kilns should come with labels explaining the risks that previous users might possibly be causing. Do I need to get shopping for a new kiln, post haste?
  7. I am wondering how big you work? I don't seem to have such a problem at any size, and I never let things dry that long! I'd definitely try another clay body with more grog, especially if you are building large pieces. Sometimes covering the joined area with thin plastic or even wax, while also covering the entire piece more loosely, helps these areas dry more slowly.
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