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  1. Based on talking to some of the ceramics students who have taken the class multiple times and a few of the aides, we are using long high temperature reduction starting somewhere around cone 10 and going for several hundred degrees of reduction, resulting in an abundance of dark colors, and it makes it easy to have any color you want as long as it is brown or blue. I've been thinking of using a few dark red glazes we have that are iron and copper based and using a little cadmium to possibly brighten the color slightly, but from what I have heard, my teacher frowns on using the toxic cadmium and lead based glazes, reguardless, would cadmium brighten our red glazes or lead to something unexpected?
  2. I am looking for any good reliable high fire glazes that are bright red, blue or yellow, I've looked at a few different recipes online but almost all are low-mid fire, and I am stuck using the gas kiln at the college I attend, any suggestions for ^10 reduction? Specifically I am looking for a good bright red and a good bright blue or turquoise. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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