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  1. I do low fire anyway, usually to cone 05-06. This particular model does fire to Cone 6, though, but who knows what the results would be. It is 120 V.
  2. Hello: Thinking about getting this model just to do some test glazes and small pieces. You can apparently plug it into an outlet in your house. Has anyone ever used this model before? http://shop.clay-planet.com/skutt-firebox-8x6-LT.aspx
  3. There is a local clay supply store, definitely. Suggestions for the best clay for handbuilding, other than low-fire white....red or terracotta low fire?
  4. Hi all! What brand of clay do you recommend for handbuilding? Wanted to try some slab molds, mugs, etc.....something other than low fire white. Preferably low-fire. Thanks so much!
  5. So glad I came across this discussion thread: We have been renting for the last 4 years, and my manual electric kiln ( for my business) has gone with me everywhere. I even had an electrician come over and create a outlet for at as well, no problem. We have recently bought a home and found out that our homeowners insurance DOES not cover the kiln at all! We have called 2 other insurace companies and they said no, too. If I do ceramics as a hobby, they said it would be ok. But if it's for business purposes, no. Maybe we can call State Farm???
  6. HIi--- Has anyone tried this glaze on low fire white earthenware? I know you get better results with red earthenware, but don't have it in stock right now. http://www.dickblick.com/products/amaco-artists-choice-glaze Thanks!
  7. Thanks for all the posts! Guess firing at 7pm would work best.....PG&E nickel and dime you to death out here in CA. Gotta find out when the billing cycle ends, too.
  8. I'll say! I live in CA, and my kiln is in the garage. Have to keep both garage doors cracked open for ventilation, (no windows) since I don't have a vent system. If I fire at night, rates are definitely lower, but we're worried about leaving the garage doors open at night while we sleep. Maybe I just have to get up at the crack of dawn to switch it on.
  9. Hi.... Just wanted to throw that out there. Do you turn on your kiln late at night/morning? Just got my electric bill and it wasn't pretty. Thanks!!!
  10. Hi.... No, I didn't do anything else to prep this piece. I only warmed in the microwave. I will first warm, then sand, then scrape away loose pieces. I didn't combine the underglaze with anything else, just straight out of the bottle. I used Duncan Concepts. I originally fired it to Cone 06....should I fire it longer, or just fire it to Cone 05? Maybe I'll try firing again and see what happens.....thanks so much!
  11. Hi! The second firing didn't change the overall surface. The overall glaze is pretty good; it didn't budge much over most of the entire surface. It's just that the glaze can't seem to glaze fire over these spots at all. Oh well; if this can't be saved I'll just have to toss it.
  12. Hi all: I wanted to repair and old piece that I had glazed last year. This was a bisqueware teapot that I had painted with Duncan Concepts underglaze. I fired this piece at Cone 06 and then discovered that the glaze crawled away around the handle. It left some unsightly bare spots, exposing the white bisque underneath. Well, I went ahead and took this piece and warmed it in the microwave for a few minutes, to that the glaze would stick to it a little bitter. I used two coats on these bare spots. I fired it again at Cone 06 and the glaze crawled away again!!! UGH....I really want to save this piece somehow.....any suggestions? Thanks so much.
  13. Huh; interesting! Thanks for the tip, Lucille! Which model is it? http://www.bigceramicstore.com/supplies/kilns/olympic-120v.htm
  14. Very true; may have to do a kiln share.
  15. Hi all: I found out that I may be moving in a few months and will have to sell or put my kiln in storage. I will be moving into a rental house. Can you suggest a good small kiln (Cone 04-06 Firing) that plugs into a standard outlet? 120V? Thanks so much
  16. Just new to using the Pottery's Choice glazes. Haven't really used them yet in my manual kiln
  17. Hi!!! I will be doing some test pieces soon. I'm pretty new to this and unsure of how to go about it. I already have a few pieces that I made using Amaco 480 mid/high fire clay. Now I want to try using some of the Potter's Choice glazes (layering, etc). I am really excited about using these glazes on my test pieces! How would I use my manual kiln to do this? I have 3 switches (Low, Medium, High)and cones ready. How long for each L-M-H setting to get the right effects/oxidation for these particular glazes? Attached are some images. Thanks so much in advance!
  18. Thanks Denice: I'll keep looking around. I may look into a kiln timeshare with someone. This is so frustrating..... http://www.bigceramicstore.com/information/kilntimesharing.htm
  19. Hi Everyone: I'm stuck on what to do here. I will be decorating this rather large bisqueware bread platter just on the top portion (24" L) and then glaze fire to Cone 06. Trouble is, I can only set it at an angle in my little kiln. Can I do this? Will this piece be ok touching the sides of the fire brick? Thanks for your advice in advance.
  20. thanks for the tips, everyone~ I will have to try putting a shelf on top of my work, good idea! Hopefully it's just the lid. Will have to take a look at it. Don't have a vent system.....just lots of fans and open windows in my studio.
  21. Help! Has this happened to anyone? When I did a Cone 06 fire, I had pieces of firebrick fly off and stick to my glazed pottery! I then get these little 'burrs' in my beautiful work and I have to sand them off. I just vacuumed the heck out the inside of my kiln again, so hoping that will solve this ongoing issue. Any other advice? Thanks.
  22. Hi! Just did a kiln opening this morning. I did a Cone 06 glaze firing. Some of my pieces turned out great; the other pieces, not so great. For one of my pieces, I used an underglaze black pencil for outlines, and it turned out too light. I'm thinking about using an underglaze pen instead over these areas and firing it again. The directions on the label say to fire the underglaze pen to 06. What do you all think? Are the outlined shapes too fuzzy, or do they need more definition? Should I refire at this temp again? Last time I did a refire at Cone 06, some of the underglaze flaked away and it looked terrible! Wondering if I should refire at Cone 05..... Any suggestions would be great.
  23. Thanks for the reply. I figured that it was the clay that I was using. Will look into Artist's Choice glazes for the #25 clay. I just purchased a bunch of Amaco no. 48 stoneware, so will throw a couple of small tea bowls and try the Potter's Choice on those and see how they turn out! Thanks again!
  24. Hi everyone: I am currently experimenting with Amaco Potter's Choice glazes. I applied them to my no. 25 white clay, which was bisque. I applied the glazes fairly heavily and fired to Cone 6. They came out rather muddy with some of the brushstrokes showing. Used Blue Rutile, using a few thick coats. See pic below. Are these glazes better suited for stoneware? If I'm using regular bisqueware for the Potter's Choice glazes, should I try to fire to cone 7-8? Thanks for suggestions in advance.
  25. Thanks for your reply. I went ahead and used the French dimensions on an already glazed piece. I fired at Cone 6; it seemed to work and turned out okay. I never thought about throwing the piece in the microwave before reglazing.....does this allow the new glaze to 'stick' to the existing glazed surface? Thanks!
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