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  1. I've thrown Bmix ^5 for several years and have found a solution that works for me. I throw platters on a 20" bat and cut shower curtains in circles the size of the bat. I put a small amount of slip on the bat and adhere the plastic to that. After throwing the platter, I wire off under the plastic and slide it onto a 24x24x1/4" board. I put another circle of the plastic with the center cut out that wraps under the board so the piece dries from the center out.
  2. Yes, and I'm concerned that that could be the issue so I'm going to try subbing minspar and see if that helps.
  3. I have a wonderful aqua glaze that has been reliable for years but now pinholes consistently. I fire to 2185 w/a 30 min hold, slow cool in a Skutt electric. The recipe is: Flint 26 Laguna Borate 22 Custer Feldspar 20 Frit P25 13 Neph Sy 9 Zinc Oxide 7 Talc 3 100 Add: Copper Carb 2.5 Any ideas for why this is happening or how to fix it?
  4. My wife and I grow hyacinth bean vines and find the veins and shape perfect for what we do.
  5. Mark, I use a slab roller fro some of my work and had the same issue until I began the process of ribbing both sides of the slab going in multiple directions each time. When one side is ribbed, press thin plastic (I use a roll of drop cloth plastic from Home Depot and cut the right sized pieces for each project) and smooth it onto the surface making sure no wrinkles or air bubbles are present. Placing a 1/4" piece of plywood on top, I flip it over, rib that side and transfer either to a form for draping, a wheel for throwing (placing the bat on the top allows flipping without distorting), or leave flat for slab work. Most warpage has gone away.
  6. I got a lapidary belt from Kingsley North thats a 300 grit abrasive wheel that goes on a 6" expanding disk on an electric motor. A few seconds per pot makes the feet of all my pots velvety smooth. In addition, I burnish the foot with a silicon bone folder (for stationary) and sometimes never have to touch it with the lapidary belt. I use Bmix ^5 so the grog is not an obvious problem.
  7. Karen Wise at Shimpo is the perfect example of all that is good about Shimpo. Mine had a board problem one month after the warranty went out. She helped my troubleshoot it and finally wound up sending me a new board - no charge. Customer service is unbelievable! I love my Shimpo and often throw with 20+ lbs. of clay with no problems. The torque does require some getting used to but learning to work with it doesn't take a lot of time.
  8. I've used cans with sand inside them and a small tile on top of the sand to achieve the level I need. You simply use a bullseye level and add more sand where needed to bring it to level. Good luck.
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