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    Many different art forms, specialty is pottery/ceramic arts. Teach art at the YMCA--mostly children, some adult classes. Involved in an organic church start-up in Rapid City--this is a house-church type group with equal participation of all--no pastor, designated speakers, ministers, etc.
  1. Where I work there's a small attic room for the kiln. At first (before I came) they tried firing the kiln with no ventilation. It set off the building's sprinkler system, which wasn't used to that much concentrated heat in one place, and all the walls had to be resurfaced throughout the whole place. (It's an old converted historical residence.) So they put in a huge fan--temperature controlled. It works better than my kiln vents at home. They didn't put it in to vent toxins--they didn't know about toxins--but I think it works well. At any rate, to smell anything when the kiln is firing I have
  2. I'm not sure this is something you're going to fix, Eyvind. I'll be interested to see what people have to say. It may help to try a different clay body with less shrinkage/more grog/sand. I have a Peter Pugger and have considered using it from some extruding, but I'd build a tile press if I were going to make a lot of tiles. Presently, I make tiles from slabs. They don't have to be perfectly flat as I only use them for coasters or for wall tiles. To keep them from warping, I dry them between sheets of plaster board (wall board/gypsum board/sheet rock). I wrap the edges of the plaster board
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