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Credit Photo and kiln repair work by Hyn Patty.

Hyn Patty

This is an old Hagen Renaker 'Sheriff' foal sculpted by Maureen Love long ago.  Hagen Renaker was a well known pottery located in California that recently closed at the end of 2021 after a long and beautiful run that started back in the 1940's.   This particular piece was likely produced in the 1960's or 70's based on the simple eye decoration.  A client approached me and told me this piece had two broken legs and a broken ear.  It is not a bisque, it is already glazed.  But she knew I did kiln repairs on both bisqueware and already glazed pieces.  Once fired, it is NOT a restoration to it's original factory finish condition but becomes a 'custom' because there is no way I can precisely replicate the original glaze sheen and color using modern materials and a much smaller electric kiln.  With that understood I only custom reglaze such pieces to create new, one of a kind finishes.  So here is her baby after the first firing to kiln repair his breaks.  I have now fine tuned those repairs, filled in tiny cracks and changed the damaged ear to being flipped back.  She will be reglazed to a soft baby silvery black with white markings.


Photo and kiln repair work by Hyn Patty.


© 2023

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