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Amp Ratings For The Elc. Challenged?

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Just purchased a used Olympic 1818 stackable elc. kiln, it also has the Dawson Kiln Sitter LT-3K.
My question is why is the Kiln Sitter posted at 45 amps while the kiln is 21amps. Do I need to run this kiln on 30 amp breakers or 50?
What is it about the Sitter that requires 45 amps? or am I simply confused?
Forgive my ignorance as I am elc. challenged and have been searching the web for info all day.
I am unable to plug this unit in yet as I need to wire the kiln with a plug to fit the dryer outlet or hire a professional electrician to wire a separate outlet. At the moment it has a NEMA 6-50 plug.


Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.  





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It is my understanding that the Dawson Kiln Sitter is used on many different brands of kilns.  The plate on the sitter is the maximum allowable amperage for which it will work.  


The functioning amperage is based on the kiln and its heating requirments.   This amperage is based on the number, and size of the heating elements.  In your case the actual amperage the kiln will draw is 21 based on the information you provided.

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