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Mason Vs. Ferro Stains

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I'm using mason stain for the first time to create a black slip. Currently I'm at 5% with 6600 black Mason stain, and my casting body is barely gray after testing. I'm doubtful that another 5% will do the trick.


A friend recently suggested that Ferro stains have a higher saturation, that they seem to be more concentrated, and that a person generally has to use less for the desired result. Does anyone know if there's any truth to this? And what stains do you prefer and why?

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It will look grey before it is fired, but it is black.

I use the 6600 @ 6-8% all the time and get a great black when it's fired.

That's what I thought, but after a bisque it's still pretty gray. Will it darken more if I test it to ^10?

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