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I've seen people post that they use a bit of bleach, or peroxide. I've never tried either as my slip only smells a bit at most. In my classroom, the slip is in an open bucket, but is used quickly enough, that it does't get too rank. In my home studio, I have it in a lidded bucket. I did add peroxide to my mending slip, because it contains corn syrup. The peroxide seems to help with bacteria, but not mold.

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I have had luck with adding a few ounces of denatured alcohol to my slips and glazes. It also helps dissolve some of the more difficult components in the mix. If I am using titanium dioxide in something, I dissolve it in the alcohol, mix it well , and then throw it into the already mixed batch and re mix it.


You need to keep it in closed containers closed or the alcohol evaporates.

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