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Kiln Problems

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Hello folks,


I have a large top loading modern electric kiln (a Paragon TNF-82) a little while ago it failed to reach the programmed temperature infact it only managed to reach 750°c. So I did a test and noticed half the elements were not heating up. So I seeked advice and was told that it was most likely one of two problems, either an element has gone or a relay.


My kiln has two relays and 4 elements. So I did another test, I swapped the wires from the elements to the relays around and sure enough this time the elements that were not working on the last firing were now working and the elements that were working were now not working. So I deduced that it must have been a faulty relay so I went ahead and ordered one. 


Now I just done a test with the new relay in place of the relay which I thought was broken and the elements which are wired to the new relay work fine but the elements which are coming from the other relay which was working fine last time I fired the kiln are not working! ):


I'm now completely stumped, if anyone has any thought I'd very much appreciate it.


Many thanks in advance, Kevin.

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Guest JBaymore

Are you absolutely sure that you have not "confused" which relay was working and which wasw not?  That is the first place to go.


Did you change in any way any other wiring?





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