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Another Naked Raku Question

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Well guys, I have another naked raku question.  Sorry but I've never done this type of process before and want to be as informed and prepared as I can try to be.  Anyways... we are going to be doing the two step naked raku process where you put the slip on the pot and then the clear glaze over it.  What I was wandering is I wanted to  use tape to mask off parts of the pot where no slip or glaze will get on it so the pot will be black there.  What I am wondering is will using tape work because you will have to peel if off after you put the slip/glaze on and I read that the slip/glaze needs to not be dry (stay wet) before you put it in the raku kiln to fire.  Or could you just leave the tape on the pot and it will burn out during the firing?

Also  could I use wax resist and paint designs on the pot?  Would that work instead of carving into the pot to create designs while it was wet? 


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Remove the tape before firing. Prepare your work a day or so ahead of firing. When you go to remove the tape, dampen it a little so that the edges don't flake off.I think you want a thin coat of glaze just enough to stick to the slip for easier removal.Yes, waax resist will work. Make sure you remove drops from the wax surface.



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