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I'm a 30 year old amateur ceramist from Istanbul, taking weekend classes for more than 3 years now.


I'm looking for an intense summer school in New York City for this summer, either in a university or specialized school, for 3-4 weeks. I'm eager to find a program that will help me with developing art skills, rather than basic techniques. I looked through the web but totally got lost...


Any suggestions? I'm guessing I should apply as soon as possible.


Thank you!



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Hi Nihal,


I live in NYC and have been looking for a similar Summer Program. It doesn't really exist as far as I can tell, in NYC or otherwise in the states. But there are some fabulous pottery studios here in the city where you can sign up for classes, each meeting once a week and you could create your own program.

The classes and the community at Greenwich House Pottery are really great, very supportive and in a lovely location. I would recommend looking into taking classes there. Or Choplet in Williamsburg Brooklyn. 


Best of luck to you! And if you do find an intensive Summer program somewhere please let me know, I'd love to attend as well!




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Good luck - I started my potting journey in NYC, lived there for 6 years, and it's difficult to find anything other than weekly classes within the city. And the local colleges are difficult to work things out without accredited courses / degree programs.


For what it's worth, I have great memories of the 92nd St Y and their pottery program. Great classes and an "open studio" program for more advanced people that need time more than instruction. It's not 24/7 access though. If nothing else, they always had a bulletin board of any upcoming classes/events/retreats/etc.


If you're really serious about it, it may be worth trying to find local potters who may need either an assistant or be willing to share some wisdom / space for some work around their studios.


There are definitely more opportunities upstate if you're open to branching that direction. Things like week-long summer programs and the like aren't unheard of there.

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