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Raku Glazes

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I have a few raku glazes to use, but no test tiles that go with them and w/out doing sample test tiles at this minute right now, I was wondering if any of you could tell me what some of the following glazes look like it you know.  Color wise, texture, matte or glossy, etc....


Lizard Skin

Hines Patina

Blue Lustre

Lithium Blue

Copper Sand


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Since several of these are dry, it is best to use a pyrometer and fire to 1850 F.


Lizard Skin when thick it give lizard skin texture

Hines Patina dry matt

Blue Lustre blues luster with variations

Lithium Blue alkaline blue

Copper Sand one of my favorites pinks, blues. dry texture



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AW- a couple of these (Copper sand in particular) have multiple recipes kicking around on the net. This will impact your results.


Marcia is spot on in terms of her descriptions... but (as I'm sure you're aware) the same Raku glaze can produce insanely different results... sometimes out of the same kiln run.


They're all good glazes though. Luck- you'll have fun!

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