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I Dislike The Forum Software...coding/html Is Not Intuitive

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I know a little bit about HTML, and this software is not user friendly when it comes to adding HTML to my posts. It used to work just fine before they switched, but now trying to code in links like <a href="www.phillip-schmidt.com">phill's website</a>  it just comes out as written, not how it should. 


This is the same as the "quote" feature. It seems that to make the software more user friendly for everyone, they made it less intuitive and frustrating for me.  :wacko:

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hahahaha nevermind I figured out how to link again. for anyone who is struggling with it, here is how to like something to a specific word like I did for my website above.
1. type the word you want used as the link
2. highlight it by double clicking that word
3. click the "link" button
4. fill out the "URL" space with the www.webaddress.com you want
5. click "okay"
I also found a workaround for quoting people, if you want specific quotes or portions of it.
for example,

i like to quote specific pieces of text

and type about them here

and then have more specific text here from whomever

and then I can resume typing here.
How to do this:
1. find the "lightswitch" button on the toolbar of your post window and click it. It is the far left button next to the pink and white eraser or pill, not sure which.
2. type
[q uote]
followed by the quote...you may copy and paste the quote for more speed! followed by
[/q uote]

NOTE: if you type in "quote" with the space between the q and the rest of the word, uote, it will not work. You NEED the word quote spelled without spaces. Everything else including brackets, and  these "/" slash marks, type in EXACTLY as I have written. 
3. Turn on the lightswitch button again and it should turn your coding into a real quote

4. for fancy named quotes, like what I have above (phill rocks at quoting, my friend warren mackenzie, etc.) you need to add to the first quote brackets:

=name"put name here"

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