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fire on decals

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ive been trying for months to figure this out.

ive already wasted enough money on decal paper that doesnt work.


would anyone be willing to sell me one or two pieces of fire on decal paper?

i have both a inkjet and a laser printer.

i would like the decal to fire black, as i am doing lettering on coffee mugs.

my understanding is that the laser printer will fire sepia, and the inkjet will fire true colors?

but most inkjet printed decals, you cant fire?



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I think there is no inkjet that will fire true color (except those with special toners - quite expensive) , cost from 3000 euros (chinese) and cca from 5000 euros (german)

Decal paper + some laser printers (some HP are proven, but maybe there are some others with iron oxide in the toner)- will fire sepia - see my picture


if you need any other info, just ask


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