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Ceramics in our culture

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Has anyone seen "The Hobbit"? I was thrilled by all the beautiful pottery evident in Bilbo's home! Wonder who made it?




You beat me to it! I took my kids to see the Hobbit last night. I have to admit that I thought that most of the pots were beautiful. There were some great goblets on the table with a purplely glaze. Goblets were a bit squat, but the glaze was fabulous. I have been to New Zealand. There is an unbroken line from the Leach/Cardew tradition. Unfortunately, the cheap ,Chinese import pots have pretty much killed the handmade pottery tradition in NZ and Aus. I wish it were not so!I could easily live in Bilbow Baggins house. Am I living in the past.?I am however far too tall at 5feet 9 inches, and my feet are only size 9, and I tend to wear shoes.Man, that was a great movie-did not need to be in 3d. I thought the goblin scene went on a bit much.


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I have not seen the movie, but also would like to see more hand made local pots (stating the obvious for everyone here I am sure). Many blame the cheap imports from China and Vietnam, which I certainly see the logic there. I am not so sure it is that fully. I am sure it influences the casual purchaser who never leaves a Target or the local mall, but I think there are may causes and the cheap pots from China make it easy for people. I am trying to find a way to get some sort of movement back again like there was in the 70's where studio pottery was used in many homes. I do not have an answer, but that is going to be my goal for the year to at least get together some sort of plan to make a positive affect on my local community to take another look a local pottery.


I have a teacher/mentor that said there is no use looking at the Chinese and Vietnam pots and try to compete, they have already won. You and I cannot compete with their prices and production. We need to look at how to get people to remember local potters. Maybe it is an adjustment of ours the potters and theirs the consumers. I keep hearing people on this forum that we need to charge more for our pots. That charging more gives them more value. So how has that worked for everyone over the past 20 years. The prices of our pots have gone way up and Asia saw the market and beat us. I agree we have to make our pots for pleasing, and better which I think for the most part we do. Warren MacKenzie was a huge proponent to keeps prices low for our pots and in fact he mentioned on several occasions that he was not like for that, but he felt strongly that pots should not be expensive.


Like I said I do not have then asnwer, but am going to really think through it and try to effect some change. Ok my incoeherant ramblings will stop now.

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