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23 hours ago, GEP said:

Information is important, but context is important too. As Tyler pointed out, the information without the context could have resulted in something dangerous. 

One thing I always think about when posting stuff to internet forum type places is "audience".

It is the same kind of consideration that goes on in my mind when "in the classroom" and when writing handouts for the classroom.   It is incumbent upon me to really think about the nature of the people receiving this information as I decide what information to share and how to share it.  What I present and how I present it in a low level throwing class is quite different from what I present in a more advanced throwing class. 

A forum like this is sort of a "one room schoolhouse".  Right here, reading this posting right now, we likely have everything from kindgergarten ceramic students to graduate Ph.D. ceramic candidates in this virtual "classroom".  There are huge considerations when you think of it that way. 

When it comes to anything suggested that could in some way be literally "dangerous" to those kindergarteners.................. that is really intended for the Ph. D. folks at the moment, then extra effort is warranted to make sure that information is qualified in some appropriate manner.  This is one reason why sometimes there seems to be "overkill" in some folks making "warnings" about certain aspects of some posts in some threads.  It is "good stewardship" of the welfare of those 'lower grade levels'.





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