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  1. tonyp

    Dry wood ash on glazes

    The good book Ash Glazes by Phil Rogers, Second Edition has Dick Lehman who sprinkles ash on pots to be fired to cone 9. It's a small part of the book (2-3 pages) but may be helpful for you, may not.
  2. Thanks Mark, I'll look into the Nat Gas a little more.
  3. Hi all. I have a new (to me) Olsen 16 gas kiln kit, already built. I would love to hear any advice folks have for firing this kiln, it did not come with any instruction or notes. A successful firing schedule or other tips would be hugely appreciated. It's set-up for Nat Gas but I may have to convert to LP as the distance to the gas line is great. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Cheers, tony

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