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  1. Mark - I love that story!! Awesome move. I don't see Paul very often but I'll try to remember this story and bring it up. Good collaboration! He's a cool guy and super potter. Thanks for that note! tony
  2. Hi Mark, That makes sense to me, those pots still look good and I only guess they are even better now. Websites are a lot of work but I do like being able to see others work and point people to mine for examples. I live in Eagle River, Just north of Anchorage. Homer has a lot of potters and is a lovely place! I know Lisa Wood, in Homer pretty well and fire wood kilns with her about once a year. I've met Paul Dungan, Cindy M also in Homer.
  3. Also - I took a look at your website, Mark. Very great looking pots! Keep up the good work. Tony tonyperelli.org is my work in progress site.
  4. Thanks Mark, Yea, you're saying what I thought was probably the case but don't have enough experience firing to know for sure, I appreciate your sharing your thoughts. Of note is that when filled they only topped my tanks up to 80% last time, so my math says 80 (full) - 28 (current) =52 (used) divided by 3 firings means I'm only using about 17%. But that still does not leave a ton of extra and the tanks were already frosting up on my last firing. AND, I didn't know that pickle juice works for cramps - that's great news! I should have enough in these tanks for that:) G
  5. Thanks Mark and Sorce! I have an empty 100# tank that I could have at hand, I'll look into this some more. The folks at the propane shop refer to my big ones as Pickle Barrels, 420lb/120gal, standing just over 4' high, I have two that were set and manifolded together by the pros. Thanks again. tony
  6. Hi All, Does anyone have an estimate for the amount of propane required for a cone 10 firing of a 16cuft Olsen updraft? I have 2 pickle barrel tanks aka 420# or 100gal. My tank gage currently reads 28 of 100 and the propane company is not willing to deliver currently due to winter conditions on the roads. I've not run the tanks that low in the past, this will be the 4th firing on this load of propane. Any speculation here to say if I can get one more firing on the propane I have remaining? Is there a danger in running the tanks empty? I'd really like to fire this mo
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