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  1. Matte Wash

    Thank you all! Lots of test to do!
  2. Matte Wash

    Skim milk consistency ?
  3. Matte Wash

    Water...milk consistency
  4. Matte Wash

    Gb 20 gr carbo cobalt 2 gr milk
  5. Matte Wash

    I am trying to make a matte wash with oxide for low firing. I tried a GB wash but it became glossy when firing. Any ideas or recipes ? Just oxide with water ? Gum ?
  6. Crater Slip

    Thanks everybody, lot's of test to do !!!
  7. Crater Slip

    I am looking to find a slip recipe for trailing. I need something bubbly, fluffy like a crater glaze or something like that. I'm looking for a rough concrete look with little holes... any idea or low fire recipes ?

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